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Ever wonder what makes red
The grapeskins are responsible for the color.  The skins are left to ferment with the grape juice with red wine whereas the skins are removed (crushing) prior to fermentation with white wine. 
And what's that I've heard about red wine's health benefits?
Yes, it's true!  The alcohol and other chemicals (flavanoids and resveratrol) has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, certain cancers, and slow the prorgression of certain neurological disorders.  But.....moderation is the key (1 to 2 glasses a day).
Anyway, we've put together a nice selection of wine to choose from for you to enjoy at your special catered event or just at home.  If you haven't already done so, please visit our Wine Info page for details on how to become more involved in the Nigerian wine market.
Barbera - (Bar-bare-ah)
Description: Italy's second most popular grape variety and grows in the Piedmont region.  The wine commonly is medium- to full-bodied, dark ruby red in color, and has low levels of tannin.  Often they have an intense fruity flavor with hints of red fruits and and black cherries.
Food Pairing: Barbera is one of the most food-friendly wines due to it's low tannic nature and relatively high acidity.  It goes very well with foods based with tomato sauce such as pizza, lasagna, and spaghetti.  Also, good with rich foods such as cheeses and salami.
Blends - Bordeaux - (bore-dough)
Description: Can be any combination of red grape varietals.  Bordeaux is the most famous of the red blends and is typically a combination of cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and cabernet franc varietals.  Winemakers love to experiment and seek the holy grail of blends.
Food Pairing: Given the huge variety of possiblilties, one can't generalize about red blends and food pairings.  However, bordeaux blends often go well with beef, lamb, grilled veal, and rich game meats
Cabernet Sauvignon - (cab-er-nay saw-vin-yawn)
Description: Cabernet Sauvignons are dry, full flavored and made to be long lived.  Typical blackcurrant scent with taste of dark cherry, cedar, tobacco, and plum. Cabernet Savignon is the primary ingredient in some of the best red wine blends in the world such as Bordeaux.
Food Pairing: Commonly thought to be the best match for steak.  Although, also excellent with lamb dishes, roast turkey, or gamy fowl such as goose.  More full-bodied cabernets also go well with many game/bush meats that have a stronger flavor.

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